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Party Trays

Having a party? Want to keep it simple? Let Chuppa's Catering make your event one to remember! Our party trays are made fresh daily and use only the finest, freshest ingredients.  Worried about the presentation?   We represent you and us - it will be both artistic and enticing.  

Our meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables are taken fresh from our shelves and customized for your special event or meeting.  We provide your breads, condiments and paper products.  One pick-up or delivery and no running from store to store.

We keep our prices low and the quality high - why even think of making your own?  Spend the time preparing and socializing!  We  appreciate 24-hours notice for party trays,  but if your in a pinch, we can certainly prepare your party trays in a few hours.

A full catering menu is available to download and share with your friends and business associates.

Please feel free to call us with any questions.  Our catering staff is available daily to answer any questions and take orders.

Deluxe Meat Tray

Corned Beef, Roast Beef, Hard Salami, Ham & Turkey, American & Swiss Cheese, Potato Salad or Macaroni Salad, Pickles, Italian & Rye Breads.

*Most Popular*  With the purchase of a 25 person Deluxe Meat Tray, all paper products and condiments are included !!


$4.99 per person

Italian Party Tray

Genoa Salami, Capicola, Sporessata, Prosciutti & Sandwich Pepperoni, Provolone &Colby Cheese, Assorted Olives, Relish Platter, Pasta Salad & Italian Bread.

$6.99 per person

Cheese Tray

Assorted Cheeses, Beef Sticks, Crackers, Seedless Grapes.

$29.99 Small serves 15-20, $39.99, medium serves 20-25, $49.99 Large serves 25-30

Vegetable Platter

Assorted Fresh Cut Vegetables wth Vegetable Dip. 

$24.99 Small serves 15-20 $34.99 medium, serves 20-30, large $44.99 large, serves 20-30

Fruit Platter

A creative display of Pineapple, Watermelon, Canteloupe, Honeydew, Strawberries, Seedless Grapes, fresh berries to garnish, and Strawberry Fruit Dip.

$ $39.99 medium serves 15-20 $49.99 Large serves 20-30

Fresh Cut Fruit Salad

Fresh Watermelon, Honeydew, Canteloupe, Strawberries, Pineapple, and Seedless Grapes cut into bite size pieces.

$24.99 Small serves 15-20, $34.99 medium serves15-25, $44.99 Large serves 25-35

Grilled Veggie Platter (Seasonal)

Marinated and grilled seasonal vegetables. One of our best  summer sellers. Feeds up to 60 people. 

$100.00 ea.

Dessert Tray

Chuppa's Famous Cookies & Cannolis.... or customize your own tray from our huge selection of Baked Goods

$2.50 per person

Garden Fresh Salad Bowl

Garden Fresh Salad Bowl with Cheese is served with our Famous "House" and Ranch Dressings

$$15.00 small, serves 5-10, $20.00 Medium Serves 10-15, $25.00 Large Serves 20-25

Mini Sandwich Platter

A wide variety of Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef and Cornbeef, with swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato

$2.50 per person

Cesar Salad

Fresh Romaine lettuce, croutons, red onion and parmesan cheese


Add chicken to any salad $1.25 per piece

$$15.00 small, serves 5-10, $20.00 Medium Serves 10-15, $25.00 Large Serves 20-25

Mixed Berry Salad

Mixed greens, dried berries tossed in roasted almonds, feta cheese, and red onions served with Raspberry Vinigarette.

*Great for Summer Parties*

$$25.00 small, serves 5-10, $30.00 Medium Serves 10-15, $35.00 Large Serves 20-25